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Join the Hoofa Hub

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For the next year we are gigging / writing / demo-ing a lot of music - and thought we'd offer an insight into the behind the scenes of the band.

By joining, each month we'll send you stuff that could be: - Demo's of songs - Hand written lyrics - Funny stories about the band - Keep you in the loop with gigs, our plans and our struggles

Recording each single costs around £1000, so you becoming part of the Hoofa Hub genuinely makes a massive difference to us being able to keep doing what we do!

Any suggestions for what you want to see / get / do , feel free to email us on !

If you do support us, thanks so much. If not, that's also fine. We won't judge and have struggled to make ends meet before, so appreciate this isn't for everyone. We will continue to keep our social media updated with the important stuff!