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October 2019

As "Hoofa Health" has picked up some pace on instagram, i thought i'd add a space online where i could do short blog posts month by month about progress / issues i'm facing. You can watch the regular videos on Instagram.

October has seen me switch from swimming a lot, to cycling a lot. The distance between my day job and the studio we record/write in almost daily is 8.40km, so i've set myself the challenge of working up to 'fake' cycle to and from work every day by 2020. I currently cycle 8.40km 3 times a week, and swim twice a week.

My current personal best is 16 minutes 10 seconds, which isn't bad for a few weeks training 3 times a week!! Weight wise, i've dropped around 2kg, which is around a third of a stone for those who measure in stone.

We played a gig in Luton, and i felt much better performing as my cardio is improving, so i'm hoping the December show will be a energetic one to say the least.

Thanks for your continued support.


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